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I really want to try the dungeons other people have created, but I am having an issue with the characters. I am able to download and extract the files in the proper place. The dungeon displays properly as an option when I start the game. I select the dungeon and some the select character screen. I hit the button to select a character but no characters are displayed. I get a prompt that I must select the user location, (which I have already done) but still, no characters are listed. I create new characters but they are not displayed either and I am unable to play any user-created content. ( Those new characters are displayed if I run the main game). What I am missing? Is there a setting that needs to be changed?



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Depending on the dungeon, you may need characters that are above Level 1 to start playing

Do you have issues with the Dungeons made by our team?

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It would be a huge help to getting more players into the user content universe if the New Adventure menu could be improved. I see so many players coming here, on Steam discussions, on Reddit, simply asking basic questions of how to play user content.

The menus are really confusing and not 1-click (or 2-click or even 3-click). The language of 'User Location' is a problem (its not an intuitive term in English). Menus are not an expensive thing to program, right? The New Adventure menu leans heavily to the TA Crown campaign and you almost have to click out of it to start a user content module. Then when you have got to that stage you have to select the correct starting module where the titles have been shortened to "Awesome Dungeo...", "Awesome Dungeo...", "Awesome Dungeo...". Normal players won't know which one to start on so they just have to click one after another until they find the right one -- which they need to know in advance and can't tell from the UI.

Then if they actually find the right starting module, they need to negotiate selecting/creating PCs to run the module. 

If New Adventure clearly shows 2 options: Official Campaigns OR User Campaigns. Clicking into either of them shows a) all TA campaigns available, or b) all downloaded user content WHERE entrance 0 exists (and suppress >0 maps). For b), the JSON we have downloaded or created are all read, serially by the DM when the DM menu comes up. If only entrance = 0 maps show on the New Adventure screen but the DM screen is unchanged it will make it massively easier for new players.

The Steam Workshop is a great repository for the content, but in Solasta we have great single map content (browse modules) and great multimap content (browse Collections). It is already making an interested player have to browse two repositories and follow various links and read various notes of encouragement to actually get their content. There is no way in Steam to look for dungeons for a new party, or for a party of level 5s etc. Steam won't be changing for Solasta so anything we can do to help players find the content is so important.

I see people posting all over the place, like Steam Reviews, saying, "Wow I loved the game! I can't wait for another campaign!" They have literally no idea (or it is too hard) that there are hundreds of hours more content available.

I'm a very keen player with a tech background who has absolutely no problem navigating this stuff, but I ended up having to wikify my own notes on the campaigns I was playing just to keep it straight in my mind. Then I linked Campaign Collections to the descriptions and they started getting downloads. I know not to expect anything like this in game, its way too much to ask, but the functionality demonstration (hey I'm not a code monkey of any description) shows some of what is missing to get players > content.

e.g. One adventure (very very popular module on Steam and Nexus):

Find your next Solasta D&D adventure:

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100% what Berengar has said here. The flow for starting a new adventure using add-on content really makes no sense. At all. None. It’s just weird. Please please revisit how this works, and test with a few of the more popular modules. Heck, I’d bet that Silverquick alone has like half the popular add-on content for Solasta and he seems to hang out here and on the Discord and would be motivated to tweak his files if needed to make the adventure startup experience smoother. It’s really fantastic once you get everything lined up, but getting there is not intuitive in the least.