Issues from my Playthroughs

Level 3
9 months ago


You can buy infinite of each faction item by traveling away from and back to the city.

Belt of giant strength: increases STR to 21 on all characters except one, where it increases STR to 22.  The bugged character has a default STR of 16 and the crown of the magister, if that factors in.

Belt of Dwarvenkind: does not increase your HP(intentional?), but increases your CON by 4 rather than the described 2.

Rings of Protection: once attuned are having no effect on AC or saving throws.

Craftable Doomblade Rapier: does not have any indicators that it behaves differently than a regular rapier, however in combat it appears to do 1-4 slashing damage as a bleed effect on the start of the damaged enemy's turn.

The craftable battleaxe uses a primed greataxe as a component.


Sylvan archer feat allows you to ignore 1/2 cover but has no effect on 3/4 cover.

If you have 2 actions(ie from haste) and multiattack(from a level 5 martial) and use one action on something that is not an attack, you will not be able to multiattack with your second action.

Spiritual Weapon actives on an action rather than a bonus action, it also seem to show the crit message whenever it successfully hits, ie on a roll of 6.

Wizard doesn't have light crossbow proficiency.

All characters are able to use bonus action to attack without a main attack when dual wielding.

Hasted characters can only cast 1 cantrip or spell, rather than 1 cantrip and a spell or two cantrips.

Casting a bonus action spell like misty step prevents you from casting a cantrip


Using misty step in the swamp behind the hermit's house gets you to a treestump(named basket on the map display) but it is not targetable/openable.

Upward falling bridge animation issue in library when attempting to reach lowermost chest.  Animation completes correctly then reverts bridge to starting position(invisible bridge is walkable, standing bridge can be passed through.


When placing items into a chest/basket/whatever when you drag an item into the empty box on the chest it also overwrites whatever item is in your inventory at the spot where you are dragging the item to.  This removes the inventory item from the game as far as I can tell.  I was able to use this to remove quest items from the game.

When attuning to two rings of protection for the same character one was removed from the game following a short rest, but I could not replicate this issue.

Archers drop a bunch of arrows in a series of diminishing patterns. rather than all as a single item.

Overall a wonderfully put together game already and a pleasure to play.

9 months ago

Hasted characters can only cast 1 cantrip or spell, rather than 1 cantrip and a spell or two cantrips. 

Good list of bugs - I wonder if there is a bug tracker where these can be reported? That would help a lot, since it is easier to see duplicates and prioritize bugs.

One thing I'm not sure about from your list:

I think haste only allows a bonus weapon attack, not a spell attack? They list the actions you can perform in the haste spell, and casting a  spell or contrip is not listed (unless they deviate from 5E SRD):