Is there a way or development plans for manual roll

1 month ago

Hi, I've seen a few posts regarding this but no solutions apart from one mod which is unable to be shared, is there a way to incorporate manual rolls, I'm talking about rolling dice in hand but more allowing you to roll in game dice to make it a little more authentic. I've not come across a game that shows each roll but as its done automatically I like the idea of having control of this. Hoping someone has developed something they can share or pass on, or if the developers can incorporate this into the game?

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2 days ago

I recently got two d20 GoDice and they work in Roll20 and Discord.  Kinda gimmicky, but it's cool to actually roll physical dice and have it show up online.  I doubt anything like that would ever be integrated into a CRPG like Solasta, but you never know.  Maybe the really smart modding community could figure something out.

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2 days ago

Moderator note : deleted an odd spam for some sort of UPS service, BUT I want to reassure all other players that Thaladar's link is legitimate and fine.  Thanks.

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2 days ago

so you want to do more math and more work, i wish my students had that attitude!  ok so you roll a d20, add your prof, then add your ability modifier, then add any magic modifiers, then maybe a bless or something modifier?  then you want to roll damage, so like a fireball with 8d6, ok lets add up all the dice but we only have three d6 so it will take a couple of rolls.  is this taking place during multiplayer.  is everyone pausing for rolling and adding?  do you want to roll for the foes to?

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