Ironman Bootcamp. Choose your route, and choose your peril!

Level 9
3 months ago

Traps, monsters and hidden treasure. Do you rush for the end, or risk more level one battles for the chance of upgrades and consumables? 

Level One Challenge! What is your fastest time to take Berden, Nialla, Celia and Anton through Bodiless Bill's Bootcamp for Youngun Adventurers Likely to Perish Young--and can you beat mine? 

"Back in my day, we didn't have Short Rests. Younguns these days are so soft they'll be torn apart by the first Two Mangy Wolves they encounter. 

"Well, old Bill has an idea how to make real Adventurers out of these wet-nosed mewling kittens." 

So I was in a bad mood after my PCs kept on reatedly rolling 1s, and I went all Evil DM mode, and wanted to do bad things to them.

But I got carried away.

I was wistfully remembering Steve Jackson books and had great fun building different routes with different risks and rewards. This is just for fun, but I got a bit addicted trying to set better times after I got under twenty minutes!

Anyone faster than me? :)

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