Investigation and Dungeon Maker

1 year ago (edited)

Recently I'm trying to make a custom campaign, experimenting with the new features. I'm writing a dialogue where I assigned player roles by their skills. One role filters characters by investigation. Then I added an ability check based on that skill. 

When I playtest the dialogue, the Investigation check never works if I set the Investigation role as the "performer" of that dice roll. The dialogue just skips the check and go on with other dialogue lines. If I try without roles, it works. If I try with another role based on another skill, it works. It seems that the problem is when you want to assign a role based on the Investigating skill.

Is currently there an issue with Investigation? I tried to google this, but I couldn't find anything related. I can eventually provide my custom campaign, if needed.

3 weeks ago

I'm seeing a simular problem with Slight of Hand.