Invested Player Report

Level 1
5 months ago

Hey there! New guy over here, 500+ hours of Solasta indicates that I love this game.

Usually I don't participate in Forums and stuff but since I've spent a lot of time and thought on Solasta, I've decided to give something else for the devs. Where should I start?

Game Version 1.4.32 - Public, Base Game + All DLCs. No mods.

  1. Paladin Auras starts working only after Paladin's turns during some Encounters.
    I first noticed this when I was playing with a Tirmarian Oath pally versus a group of Sorak Infiltrators (SI) that the party may fight in late-game if they do certain things (Cradle of Fire). First round of combat, my four party members where grouped and the SIs came invisible and we couldn't see them. The description of Aura of Truth is as follows:

    Aura of Truth ➜ Friendly creatures in the aura gain superior darkvision and +2 Perception.

    So I found it really strange that my guys were able to see them invisible just after the second turn. I didn't understood actually what went wrong at the time and then I let it go.

    BUT, it happened again and again and eventually I could notice by the "buff" icons displayed in the characters portrait, so I took this screenshot:
    You can notice that everyone is grouped and Yudrol doesn't have any of the Paladin's (Cassandra) Auras. After Cassandra's turn, Cressen, the party Law Cleric appears to be affected by the auras. Even the pally herself isn't benefiting from her Aura. First turn of the encounter, no one is surprised, so I though this may be a bug.

  2. Poisoned Condition icon looks like a Flame.
    Dunno if its a bug or not, but the one of the poisoned conditions caused by some poisoned ammo appears as a flame-like thing. My guess is that is not as intended, since I've seen more appropriate icons of other conditions. Screenshot:

  3. Scourge of the Hidden proc text seems weird.
    Again, with my Oath of Tirmar Paladin I noticed that most of the bonus damage text comes with something like "CHARACTER inflicts more damage to TARGET with SPECIAL EFFECT ( + ndn), but as for the Scourge of the Hidden Damage, it just shows "Scourge of the Hidden!", and if we're applying 2d6, it shows the same text twice. It really seems like a bug since I've been playing in Portuguese and the text still appears just like that and in English. Screenshot:

  4. Multiple reactions.
    Well, this has happened more than once but the first time it happened I was playing a custom map, then I concluded that it was something about the dungeon maker. Recently it happened during Lost Valley playthroughs so I guessed it was really a bug. For me it always happened during Readied Cantrips, for instance, an Evil Priest (or somethig like it) is acting in his turn, activating a Readied Sacred Flame cantrip that one of my characters had prepared, then the Evil Priest Counterspells that Sacred Flame, and my character casts another sacred flame, and the Evil Priest another Counterspell, this all in the same reaction. I don't really know what went on there but it definitively happens. Last time I saw it, some Hag had cast Slow in our party, everyone affected made saves and stuff, then our Shadowcaster used her Shadow Retribution after, missing its attack with Chill Touch, and then it seemed like the Slow had been re-cast and everyone affected made saves AGAIN, some of then failing. That's definitively a bug.

  5. Gamepad bugs with Metamagic.
    I've also noticed that, sometimes while playing with a Sorcerer using a DS4 Controller (no additional software), when I choose "Cast a Spell", none of the metamagic options gets Highlighted and I'm unable to choose at all, the only option being ignore the metamagic and casting it raw. It happens quite often and it is really frustating because everytime it does, I have to use Mouse/Touchpad again to select one of the Metamagics.

    Another one comes when you Upcast spells using gamepad, you can't choose any metamagic with Gamepad if you upcast an spell. But if you do it using Mouse/Touchpad it works just fine.

  6.  "Immune to Prone" text appearing after Readied attacks.
    This happens a lot. Most of my characters doesn't even have the Feat to cause prone on readied attacks, but the text shows nonetheless, mostly after Ready attacking flying enemies.

There are some others, that I will post here if they happen again.