Instant Pit Death and Inability to Revive in Combat During "Honor Your Masters"

1 year ago

I actually ran into this bug a while ago, so I don't have any screenshots to show the bug. Although it's likely a bug, I think the combat in this room was a fun challenge.

Basically, once you get to the end of the Timarian Tower dungeon in Caer Lem for the Academic background side quest "Honor Your Masters", you get to have a combat with some Skeletal Mages, Archers, and Knights. 

The area has a central platform that is separated from a walkway that you have to jump over a pit to get to. The platform is where the Mages are located. If you jump to the platform and get into melee range of the Mages, they will cast Thunderwave- sending your characters flying into the crevice. This in itself is fine, and is honestly a nice challenge. 

What is not fine is that the pit is not traversable, and when a character gets flung here they will instantly die. Because the pit is not traversable (tried spider climbing, flying, misty step), you cannot go down and cast revivify on your deceased party member during combat.

At the end of combat, you will be automatically prompted to cast revivify where the character will seemingly teleport to platform and be revived.

The expected behavior would be that the pit would be traversable and you would be able to cast revivify on your party member during the combat to get them back into the fight.