Inner Strength Patch Notes - Version 1.4.31

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9 months ago (edited)


Inner Strength - Monk

  • Fixed an issue where a Monk would not unlock Ki points after leveling up to level 2.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI for Flurry of Blow would remain present after the Monk would spend their last KI point on Flurry of Blow, which, to ours and everyone's  book, was to be considered confusing.
  • Fixed Monk not being able to wear the Tirmarian outfit or the Silvan outfit despite being clothing armor
  • Fixed a bug allowing paralyzed monks to deflect missiles.
  • On the short rest tooltip, "ki points" will be displayed on the panel, instead … well, … "None".
  • Fixed the issue where a Monk while performing an unarmed strike with 2 weapons equipped, said Monk would sometime use their second weapon to attack, instead of the bare fist damages, as he was taught to do and therefore lose the bonus damages linked to bare hands.

Inner Strength - Warlock

  • Fixed a strange behavior where a Warlock with the "Ready or Not" Feat would not get an advantage when using "ready action" with a cantrip.
  • Fixed an issue when a Warlock with Devil Sight would still have a disadvantage against an invisible enemy.
  • The Warlock will now use minimum spell level for invocations without a spell slot, or the warlock spell slot level for invocations which require a spell slot.
  • Fix a bug where the UI would not properly refresh after loading save, impacting invocations panel not being cleared.

Inner Strength - Bard

  • Rapier of Harmony will now be magical only for attuned bards.
  • Fixed a bug where Horn of Blasting would not count as an instrument therefore preventing a Bard equipped with it from casting some spells.
  • Fixed an issue where The Bard could not use some spells (especially newly learned cantrips) as readied actions.


  • Fixed a bug happening when pressing "down arrow" to make pings in Multiplayer - there would actually be 5 pings made and pointing randomly on the map.
  • Added a campside icon in the Market, inside the Volcano
  • [Lost Valley] Fixed a bug where Huge sized enemies would instantly die when spawning during a Random Encounter on the Ruined Bridge Map. You will now need to face those Remorhaz head on.
  • [Lost Valley] The icon of the rest place in the Rebel Town is now well present when viewing the minimap of the Dinas Gessa
  • [Lost Valley] Fixed a bug where Conjured Spiders would drop loot after dying.

Global UI

  • Added a Long Rest Icons missing on the Fast Travel Map and the People's Hideout
  • Added missing fast travel waypoint on the map for the Long rest area
  • Fix incorrect message when looting stackable items
  • Fixed a UI bug where Tooltip would state that "Anathema" deals 0 recurring damage, instead of its actual recurring damage
  • Added a fix to make sure the tooltip is up to date when completing an item drag and drop.
  • Fixed a UI bug where Several conditions information would not be displayed upon holding button to see more info
  • Fixed a UI bug where the Close button would take the player back to the bestiary entry if the Next or Previous buttons are rapidly clicked multiple times before attempting to close the bestiary entry
  • Clicking the Short Rest button while the "spell", "power", or "ritual" selection panels are open will now close them
  • Fixed a control issue happening when switching between Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse controls, then the "select all characters" button would not appear when expected


  • [Level Design] Fixed some issues in Caer Lem Caves & Orc Caves, as well as in Bone Keep, making the characters stuck outside the map. "Hey, I'm heeeeere. ...Anyone?"
  • [Lost Valley] Fix to make sure that The Research Complex quest will be completed upon using the Major Gate to go back to the City.
  • [Lost Valley] Fixed a bug allowing quest items to be sellable in Lost Valley
  • [Multiplayer] Fixing several bugs happening when selecting Loot All during multiplayer sessions.
  • [PC Microsoft Store] UserPref will now properly be kept from one session to another
  • [Microsoft Store] Ironman Achievement now fully working for Microsoft PC & Xbox
  • [Sorcerer] Fixed a bug happening if a player made a save before the 1.4.28 update with a Sorcerer higher than level 3: some would not have the icon for the option to toggle meta magic
  • [Sorcerer] Fixed a strange bug with Sorcerer using twin spell on Guiding bolt, the 2nd projectile would not inflict damages, even if it touches.
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy that is incapacitated / stunned / paralyzed / surprised was still able to cast counterspell as a reaction
  • Fixed ability to duplicate items, when dropping 2 items that would stack in the "Ground" section of the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where, while casting a spell, if the player pressed the shortcut to cast ("C" by default), and select a cantrip at the proper timing (right after casting and before the end of animation), the player can cast this cantrip for free.
  • Fixed an issue where Restorative ointment could not be crafted.
  • Fixed a bug where the Channel Divinity "Scourge of the Hidden" (from Oath of Tirmar) would not appear to apply 2d6 on creatures that are Shapeshifters with Dark Vision.
  • Fixed an issue where some attuned items (Cloth of the Lightbringers or Greenmage Armor among others) would give bonus AC instead of base AC when attuned.
  • Fixed a bug where the cutscene with Aksha would not play while characters enter the room using teleport spell.
  • Fixed an old-time bug when the Ogre would not being to spawn in the Goblin Cave (during the Goblin Culture quest)
  • Scavenger Clothes will now fully appear in female version.
  • Fixed and restored a file that could prevent saves from loading properly.
  • Fixed enchanted studded armors colors and icons

Dungeon Maker

  • Custom Monsters now display the default database title/description when it is not overriden.
  • When a DM dialog line is read without a matching role, the dialog line is ignored
  • Removed an error message when quitting a DM campaign while in a DM dialog
  • Fixed a bug happening If a player disable subtitles in the options, dialogs will not be displayed anymore in dungeon maker
  • The dungeon maker now displays (x,y) coordinates on the top of the screen when Playtesting
  • DM dialog sequences no longer remove the fog of war, preventing the spoil of hidden rooms
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9 months ago

I'm curious to test the update tonight, there seem to be a lot of nice little fixes. Thank you TA for the follow-up of the bugs reported.

Quoi que tu dises, quoi que tu fasses... I speak bad English... so what?

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9 months ago

Mouse and keyboard is still not working properly on Xbox Series X. Here is a link to my thread on Reddit further describing the problem:

Ditto for me on my Xbox Series X. The mouse works, but the keyboard mapping are totally borked. Hope this gets fixed in next patch as M&KB is the best way to play on the Xbox or PC.

--My specs: Windows 10 Pro, 21H2 b19044.2251, PC, i79900K, GTX 1070 Ti, 64GB Ram, Nvme 2GB, Game Pass Windows version.