Inner Strength Patch Notes - Version 1.4.30

Tactical SatrianuM
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3 months ago (edited)


  • Fixed the nasty bug where some character values went completely haywire, sometimes granting 4 extra attacks per turn to your Barbarian and sometimes completely emptying your Monk's Ki points. Balance in all things.
  • Fixed unlearning a Warlock Invocation during level up in multiplayer deleting that invocation instead of replacing it with another one. Sorry for that, the Patrons got a bit jealous that you got to hang out with friends. Note: We're working on a fix to have the missing invocations refunded in a future patch.
  • Fixed your backpack sometimes acting like a Bag of Shredding when drag and dropping items. What's a Bag of Shredding? It's kind of like a Bag of Holding, but items that go in never come out. Very large capacity! Very little use.
  • Fixed High Elves Bards not being able to cast spells as Ritual. Ritual Casting is no longer a racist feature.
  • Fixed Items tooltip sometimes not appearing after using the scroll wheel to go through the inventory.
  • Fixed Dwarven War Drums, Flute of Respite and Horn of Blasting not being considered Music Instruments (they were in the murder weapons category instead)
  • Changed Sash of Transmutation so that it now has 2 charges per short rest, and each use costs 1 charge. Also fixed its icon. The text hasn't been updated yet though. Woops.
  • Fixed the Shield reaction sometimes triggering even if +5 AC wouldn't save you from taking a hit.
  • Fixed the Body Slider being removed by mistake for Elves and Half-Elves
  • Fixed monsters taking way too damn long to wake up when taking damage at the start of the turn while asleep. COME ON STAND UP IT'S TIME TO FIGHT!
  • Fixed unconscious characters not making saving throws. Achtualley, they should only fail STR and DEX saving throws, as can be read on page 292 of the... guys? Guys come back :(
  • Fixed some tooltips showing unlocalized strings, such as Wand of the War Mage
  • Fixed start / end turn effects being skipped on sleeping & unconscious characters. Yes Bobby you still take damage from that Moon Beam. Yes Bobby your character is now dead, sucks to be you.
  • Fixed a rare case where loading a save with a specific camera angle would prevent characters from casting a shadow. That's absolutely not because the party was replaced by Vampiric Dopplegangers, nothing to see here move along.
  • Fixed Mountaineer Fighter's Close Quarter not properly swapping position with their target.
  • Dragonborns' tails should no longer be 100% synchronized during cutscenes. I mean it was pretty funny for some time, but we had to fix it.
  • Fixed Monks sometimes not having any VFX/SFX in multiplayer
  • Fixed clicking on a character portrait not moving the camera to their position when dead or controlled by someone else (multiplayer)
  • Fixed loot window staying in front when a rest is triggered by the host.
  • Fixed damage-based reaction spells and powers not triggering when absorbed by Temporary Hit Points.
  • Fixed Crafting Interface sometimes showing gibberish under Ability Check
  • Fixed "Click or Press Any Key To Start" on the Black Screen with White Text being a lie. You can now Click or Press Any Key To Start for real.
  • Fixed animation delay that would occur when a character was both shoved prone and away at the same time.
  • Fixed losing concentration on Malediction and Hunter's Mark when moving to another location.
  • Fixed Time Warlock's Curse of Time not being applied to all targets when casting Magic Missiles
  • Fixed Long Rest not correctly removing negative conditions from NPCs. NPCs are people too man, you can't treat them like that.
  • Fixed Identify not using a spell slot when the caster isn't a Ritual Caster. Not everyone's a Ritual Caster, this ain't One D&D yet.
  • Fixed being able to ready an action when slowed.
  • Fixed being unable to interact with the merchant screen on gamepad if the party has exactly 0 gold. I mean personally I don't see the problem, just stop being poor?
  • Fixed switching to the same weapon configuration than the one currently being held consuming the free inventory action on gamepad
  • Detect Magic should no longer spam the combat log with magical items sensed inside chests.
  • Fixed Warlock's Fiendish Vigor invocation casting an upcasted version of False Life.
  • Fixed the merchant screen not closing properly in Multiplayer if the host starts resting while other players are browsing the shop. IT'S TIME TO SLEEP, STOP SHOPPING!
  • Fixed Law Cleric Anathema showing the same tooltip twice.
  • Kindred Druids who chose a placeholder Snow Tiger should now have a Spirit Bear instead
  • Fixed casting Light of Gauntlets not showing any visual light
  • Fixed Flute of Respite using INT instead of CHA. Looking good doesn't mean being smart, and the Flute of Respite is all about looking good


Dungeon Maker

  • Added many new NPCs
  • Removed a couple of duplicate NPCs / Monsters. Note: Gorillas and Bandits still exist twice, because they have a melee and a range AI variant (unfortunately with the same name ingame)
  • Fixed some items having some faulty DLC tags
  • Added missing price to the 8 new musical instruments.
  • Removed placeholder and duplicate conditions.
  • Fixed Monsters sometimes making a melee attack with their range weapons in hand. I mean... a crossbow is pretty heavy, I wouldn't want to get wacked by that.


Article by Tactical Myzzrym

3 months ago

Loving the new classes, but when will they be adding the newer weapons to the main campaign like the fighting gloves and maul?

Level 12
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3 months ago

Loving the new classes, but when will they be adding the newer weapons to the main campaign like the fighting gloves and maul?

In the main campaign, you can find gloves at certain faction vendors, and mauls can appear randomly. And I don't remember for the second campaign.

Quoi que tu dises, quoi que tu fasses... I speak bad English... so what?

Level 9
3 months ago

Loving the new classes, but when will they be adding the newer weapons to the main campaign like the fighting gloves and maul?

There are items and recipes for items suited to the new classes in both official campaigns.