Infinite Undead, or; Time and Attrition

Cody A Young
Level 3
1 month ago (edited)

So, I am on the western side of the map which grants one access to the Master's Tower and crawled through a wall and found that despite having cleared the area previously, I am engaged in combat with undead. At first I was not dismayed by this, as in spite of their hitpoints they are quickly dispatched, but they also seem to be spawning at the rate of approximately four per round which is quicker than I can kill. Currently, I am in combat with something like 40, the only up side is that they seem to be spawning everywhere on the map, so I am not as yet overwhelmed but I anticipate that bit is coming. Unfortunately, I have only been keeping one save. . .So this game is officially broken for me at this point.

Also. An additional glitch as inexplicable as the first, whenever I damage one to half hit points, that procs the spawn of additional units and it heals to full health. Maybe that will help you narrow down what is going wrong precisely.

If this gets any more fun, I will let you know. I may just stress test the encounter and see how many spawns it takes to crash the game.

edit. I was going to post before and after pictures showing the undead healing immediately after taking damage but the one I am engaging is so far in the queue he doesn't show up. Oh well.

addendum: Also, when I claimed my second fighter feat, I saw I could take Armored (I think that was what it was called) a second time, and I thought why not +1 AC is always good, but no, it doesn't stack. I am sure this will be corrected before the game goes public, but I thought I would mention it while I was here.

Level 13
1 month ago

They also respawn endlessly for me when I save and reload.