Infinite Loading Getting Out of Caer Lem

Level 3
5 months ago (edited)


I was exiting Caer Lem and I've been stuck in an unending loading (after speaking with the survivors). 

Is there a place where I can send my save to get it analyzed? Since there is no error message or anything, I can't provide anything better than that. 


EDIT: Just to make it clear, even if I reload, I'm still stuck in that loop at the same place. I cannot progress. 

EDIT2: Remade a new game, finished the tutorial, and while leaving the city I got the same bug. At this point I'm thinking it's clearly a bug. Again, can't really help out since there is no error message, just an infinite loading. TBH it makes the EA kind of unplayable for me if every game is stuck... 

Level 3
5 months ago

I also verified the integrity of the game's files and still have the same infinite loading screen.