Improve face and lips synchro

4 months ago (edited)

the faces don't have to win a beauty contest, but eyes, noses, mouth should look a little more authentic and the lip synch should be as synchronous as possible and not asynchronous

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4 months ago

Character models for cut scenes and character creation in general need a good amount of work.

4 months ago

Yeah it's not that the models per se are that bad, but rather the animations in conversations the characters sometimes look a bit googley-eyed, or their mouths don't sync properly.  I think that influences what people say about "character models."

4 months ago

as I said I don't expect super nice faces in the intros now but when speaking it should be as good as technically possible lip sync.

Otherwise it is more important to me to have a good time in Solasta and to be immersed in the characters' story and their world.

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4 months ago

If Tatical Adventure has the time and resources they should rework their character models. It really hurts the eye up close as I said in another post: The hair and face options in character creation are not good at all. They need serious rework. The faces are too round and big, the hands are too big as well, and the pose that the character stays in most of the game is very unnatural (both hands down with the arms a little bit open). You could change the posture of the PCs in dialog according to their personality tag.