[IMPORTANT] Rolling Bug Report with Advantage

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 months ago

Hey there folks,

First of all, thank you. Reporting bugs allows everyone to have a better experience in the long run, and we can't catch every little bug on our own (otherwise AAA games would have long been bug-free, ha ha ha...) - so having you guys helping is greatly appreciated.

That said, you can help even more! Here is a list of things you can do to up your Bug Reporting proficiency bonus:

  • Always write the game version you're playing on. That game version can be found on the top right of the main menu screen

  • Where, how, who, when?
    • In what map / where exactly in the map did the bug happen?
    • How did it happen? Did you click somewhere, did you open a menu, did you cast a particular spell?
    • Who did it happen to? Was it a Hill Dwarf Life Cleric level 3? Was it a Human Shadowcaster Rogue level 5? Was it an NPC?
    • When was the save that you loaded made? Is it a fresh run, or is it a save from a previous version (with a little warning mark next to it)?

  • Roll with advantage - Send us your save file!
    • Getting your save is the easiest way for us to debug and check what's gone wrong, since many time the hardest step is actually reproducing a bug you have.
      • For example, some bugs could trigger because you did something in a previous quest that broke a system in the background without you even knowing about it.
    • Your save folder is located there: %AppData%/../LocalLow/Tactical Adventures/Solasta/Save Files/
    • Send us the mail to contact@tactical-adventures.com with the [BUG] tag in the title (+a brief summary to describe the bug), and in the message have a link to the forum post where you reported your bug.
      • For example: [BUG] Can't open the door to Wizard Tower in Monastery Quest

Thanks again folks, report away!

Level 14
2 months ago (edited)

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