Impassable terrain all over the place

8 months ago

See that 3 tile gap ahead? You're intended Misty Step over it. Flight is blocked across the completely open space for unknown reasons, and your puny +15 Athletics is insufficient to even attempt a jump across..

See that corpse loaded with loot on a platform just 9-10 ft off the ground. We know you've got a 6 ft tall character with a 3 ft armspan and literal climbspeed and/or Spiderclimb in the party, but we want you to Fly up there instead.

Why is this such a nuisance in your game specifically? I'm submitting this under Bugs as this clearly cannot be a desired and intended way of handling terrain traversal. I've played enough other CRPGs that don't have these problems to be notably annoyed by it. Anyone who has acquired a method of flight in this game has probably run into these problem areas before and been sorely disappointed. Those running parties without flight hoping to make creative use of other tools the game system provides are also sorely disappointed. 

Druid Wild Shape in particular is extremely egregious about this, with how specific terrain obstacles need to be interacted with (in order to crawl or attack through them, for example).

Can we get some kind of focus on polishing these things? Spider climb is intended to walk up any surface, yet only very specific walls (tending to be the underside of ledges beneath the floor you're on...) actually allow it. Gaps that allow character "interact" with to force an athletics/jumping check, but a flying character can't hover over the gap or even just cross it briefly using flight??

I get that there are going to be some limitations on what is possible as these things need to be preempted by the developers, but we're far beyond some niche/corner case limitations. I'm not asking to fly outside the bounds of the map that was generated for us to play on. I'm asking to cross a simple obstacles using the tools the game provides. There are multiple tools to provide similar results for a reason. As is, we are we limited to just a single tool per obstacle, and if you don't have that tool in your party but have others that should suffice, get stuffed, because the developers didn't code in the availability for you to use anything but what they most intended.

8 months ago (edited)

It's seemingly arbitrary in what tools are required for which obstacles. Here are some examples:
Both gaps here are inaccessible via Jumping; you're not even allowed to attempt a check, no matter how high your Athletics is. You must Misty Step (DDoor, etc.) across, or fire something at the tree and knock it over.
This corpse pile here requires Flight to access. Nevermind how high your character can jump, how tall it is, how far it can reach, etc. No opportunity to climb (naturally or magically). Spiderclimb can't walk up the wall.
But it's perfectly fine to be spiderclimb-ed onto the side of this pier? There's no surface there. What am I even standing on?
Another flat wall with a floor not far up, that I'm simply not allowed to access from here for "reasons." Seems apparent I'll return there later, metroidvania style, but the gate is artificial and imaginary in this case. I have the tools to get there, but the game simply says "no" for now.

I don't have a screenshot handy at the moment, but in the main campaign, there's a side area you can access with a 1 tile gap you're intended to jump across. I had a character with Flight active (via the spell) who was unable to cross the gap by any means except canceling the Fly spell, jumping the gap manually, then wasting another slot recasting Fly. Come on guys. Get it together.

8 months ago

You can do better