Identifying magic items should be done according to the 5e rules

Level 6
1 month ago

From the DMG

The identify spell is the fastest way to reveal an item’s properties. Alternatively, a character can focus on one magic item during a short rest, while being in physical contact with the item. At the end of the rest, the character learns the item’s properties, as well as how to use them. Potions are an exception; a little taste is enough to tell the taster what the potion does.

This does not work in Solasta. You can change the settings to identify an item when you attune to it (which should be the default and not an optional rule), but that doesn't work for weapons, armor, potions, or any other item that doesn't require attunement. There's no reason there couldn't be an "Identify" button right under the "Attune" button after a short rest. 

I do see how this would make the Identify spell relatively worthless -- since you can take unlimited short rests. The advantage of Identify in tabletop D&D is that you can use it on things other than equipment, and don't always want to take a short rest, neither of which apply in Solasta. Maybe this could be an optional setting.

Level 2
2 weeks ago

I have to say I hate this rule from DMG. We play it exactly like Solasta does, identify is mandantory for using magic Items. And really every DnD Computer game does it like that, as far as I know.

Level 13
2 weeks ago

The community expansion mod has a setting that just makes everything be identified by default. So if you don’t find the mechanics behind casting detect magic and identify compelling (or want to try a party that doesn’t have a wizard or insight cleric or shadowcaster rogue), you can save yourself a headache and just use that.