Ideas to make travel, PC development, side and main story growth, and extra play better

Level 1
1 year ago

I enjoy the story, the banter, and the potential options that Solasta offers. Many veteran players (including myself) would probably like more diversity in the characters and their options as far as progression, spell options, and class features.

I would possibly recommend that down the road in an update or DLC possibly, create a number of rare items that can only be attained by crafting. This will give players a reason to potentially invest in their craft at the expense of something else. This shouldn't detract from what is already available to be discovered or found. Another idea may be for casters is that not all spells can be bought or learned through leveling. These unique and powerful spells and abilities should reflect the power and skill of this bygone era. In this day and age the current powers merely scratch at the surface of what once was. Some can only be acquired through rigorous searching, deep delving, dedicated dialog with NPC's, or maybe even a divine coven with specific deities, demons or some other powerful entity. As for non-caster characters, specialized or rare skills that can potentially give them some unique talents can be learned and discovered in this same way. These non magical or divine skills should not be any less spectacular than their arcane or divine counterparts.

I only offer these ideas because I see a great potential for further development of Solasta. The technology is there and Tactical Adventures has done a masterful job with this creation, though I have seen many give ridicule for bugs, play errors, and the very strange RNG dice rolls. While I agree with some of these issues, I feel that Solasta has begun to develop into a good representation of what a D&D 5E PC video game can be. Keep up the great work. hope to hear from all of you with your ideas and thoughts.

Emperor Poe