I love this world and can't wait for the Source book

Level 1
2 months ago

I've done the EA play through many times and love the lore in the world. I can't wait for the physical copy of the source book to ship and share the campaign with my 5e friends.  

Level 6
2 months ago

*spoiler* I like the concept of the crown showing the player what happened in the past, and what their heroes will/may ultimately do to be successful. It’s a subtle way for the DM to foreshadow the player’s goal, without a clumsy expose of some quest giver saying “you need to do blah blah blah”.

1 month ago

I love this world too, I'm super disappointed I missed out on ordering the Source Book.

If anyone decides they don't want their sourcebook let me know, I'll buy it off of you.

It would be nice if they offered the sourcebook on Drivethru RPG so we can order our own books later. This would make it nice for those of us who want to make campaigns in the world but learned about the game too late to join the kickstarter.

Level 8
1 month ago

That’s a pretty good idea, assuming their KS campaign terms would allow it. I also only stumbled across this game by happenstance thanks to Sven from Larian tweeting about (I’ve been following BG3 for quite a while now). That was a pretty nice gesture on his part, and I’ve spent sooooo much time playing both games in EA last couple of months as a result.