I Killed Daliat (Plot Twist: I Totally Didn't!)

Cody A Young
Level 5
2 years ago (edited)

So, upon putting Robar in charge of the survivors of Caer Lem, I escorted him along with the young female soldier to safety. The dialogue in the game says Daliat followed me into the caves and disappeared ("He was here a second ago.") I did not ask him about the book, I disregarded the charges against him as rumors. I used spycraft to get through the door and speak to him privately about the situation.

Upon arrival back in town, this is how my journal has been updated: That I killed him. 

This is extremely ironic since the whole reason I elected to take Robar and the girl out was to get as many people out of there as possible and figured if any NPC could make it out on their own in would be he (since the girl, left alone, can be heard screaming as she dies in combat). You should consider that as an option, since the benefit from escorting he and Dwarf results in much easier combat (sneak attack with ranged) and potentially the history book retrieved by the scouting party which results in a faction bonus when turned in. Those of us not as interested in material gains or risk aversion would almost certainly be satisfied by having saved one more person even if that is the only tangible result

Choice and consequence, RPG shit, hopefully you know what I am talking about.

Either way, as it stands now that journal update is erroneous.