I can't scribe the spell to the spell book from the scroll after the 0.3.3 patch.

Level 9
3 months ago (edited)

I'm not sure if this is the particular bug for me or a particular bug for this case or bug of this scroll, but it seems that I can't scribe the scroll to the spellbook anymore after the patch. 

My party is in the castle now, and I had a scroll of the fireball in my inventory before the patch. After the patch, my party just reached level 5, so I leveled up, and I tried to scribe the fireball spell to the spellbook. 

But when I right-click the scroll, and press scribe, and then press the spellbook, nothing happens. A spellbook has enough empty space but no change so far. 

It is a bit strange because I was able to scribe spells from scroll to spellbook. I guess I need to test with other level 5 scrolls later. 

PS) I quit the game, reboot the PC, load the save file, and tried again. Then it worked. But still, I'm not sure why such bug happened...