Hyptonic Pattern spell affecting allies

Daniel Maia
Level 3
1 year ago


The Hyptonic Pattern spell should only affect enemies according to its description.

However the current implementation is also affecting allies!

Level 8
1 year ago

The implementation is correct but the spell description is wrong. Hypnotic Pattern can affect all creatures within the area, not just enemies.

Level 6
1 year ago (edited)

Yeah I got fooled by the description as well.  Slow is the opposite where it only targets hostile creatures but doesn't say so.

The 3D sphere icon seems wrong for both those spells as well since it indicates that the effect is centered around the caster rather then being targeted away from the caster (It should look more like the 3D icon for the Fireball spell).  If this was corrected and icons for allies and enemies were put inside the sphere for those affected, I think this should improve the situation.

1 year ago

Yes, I had a great oops moment with Hypnotic Pattern.  I had just acquired the spell, had a nice grouping of baddies, cast Hypnotic Pattern, because it said enemies only, and charmed my entire party (including the caster!!) and all but two of the enemy.  Nobody made their saving throws.  What followed was an hilarious sequence where my guys couldn't do anything because they were all hypnotized, and the enemies who weren't incapacitated weren't able to hit me to wake me up.  I couldn't even drop concentration because the caster's turn was getting skipped along with everyone else!  I finally had to reload and try it again.  Hypnotic Pattern definitely needs to have the description corrected.  

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