Humans are too weak compared to other races

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3 months ago

Respect your opinion but I fully disagree with it.  If lighting is your biggest issue, take the Light cantrip on any caster and cast the Light spell onto your human toon's weapon if it is a martial class.  In fact, that's how I deal with lighting for the ranged in this game.  If your melee is close in, their lit weapons will illuminate the target for a ranger or caster to be able to attack them from range w/o disadvantage.

It's not the biggest issue, but it is a mechaic that emphasizes the lackluster bonuses humans get.

I could just toss on a Light spell, hobbling my stealth abilities and making myself a target for ranged characters in the process. 

Or i could play somethinglike a half elf, which not only gets to ignore dim light penalties, but also get 2 free skills, advantage against charm, immunity to sleep and almost as many stat points. Even in the regular ruleset half elves are often just better humans.

The 5e system is already not gteat for sone races and lighting in Solasta further disadvantages humans and halflings.

D&D largely fixed humans beig mechanically weak by having the Variant human and later Dragonmarked humans. I see it as perfectly reasonable to offer an alternate to the standard human statblock and especially when the unique mechanics to Solasta further advantages races like half elf over human, when they were stronger to begin with.

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Level 9
3 months ago (edited)

It would appear that default humans are the most played race per D&D beyond, sampling 8 million characters in early 2019.

They are even slightly more played than the variant human per the link above.

I doubt if they were THAT bad or mechanically weak they would be chosen so often.

Both elven subraces (Wood and High) together do not match base human and half elves are 2.7% lower as the next most popular race (at 9.1% so nearly a third less chosen unless I get my math wrong).


Keep in mind that Solasta humans are nerfed compared to tabletop dnd and Baldur's Gate 3 due to the lightimg mechanics, so the issue of standard human being mechanically underwhelming becomes further pronoumced compared to races with darkvision.  Half elves in particular, due to their flexible bonuses. 

I don't mind humans not being the strongest or optimal choice and have enjoyed standard human for my characters before. But i still prefer to have a variant available, especially when they are as disproportionally disadvantaged by Solastas lighting mechanics as they are.

As it has been pointed out several times: Half elves get almost as many stat points, on top of their other bonuses which include ignoring the penalties of dim light. And i would argue that the 2 bonus skills definitely give the humans slightly higher base statsva run for its money by itself.

Edit: Since it looks like they're going back to normal lighting rules, there is less pressure to balance humans, though a variant would still be welcome.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.