How to reach the Island next to the Castle

Level 7
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4 months ago

Hello everyone,

after finally finishing Mardrachts castle today, I went back to the little hut infront of it with the guy and his wolves (didnt kill him).
Now I broke into his house to get behind it (which he didnt mind for some reason) and saw that there is an island or something across the river.
When I looked on the map, I saw that theres even a lootable box there, which means there needs to be some where to get there!
Now since my party was already level 5 I just cast fly on my paladin aaaand....couldnt fly over the water.
Nor could my Wizard teleport over there with misty step (probably too far?)
So my question is:
How the heck do I get over there? Does the Jump spell reach? Some other spell? Is it not accessible in EA?
Did anyone get over there?

Level 8
4 months ago

It is not possible to reach at the moment. You used to be able to get over there (but I think the cheat was unlootable) but the more recent patch made it impossible 

I “know” jumping is impossible because I cast jump on a 25 str + 3 prof athletics character and still failed.

It could maybe be possible with a rogue (25 str giants pot + jump + expertise + second story work) but I have not tried that

It is definitely impossible with fly as fly will not take you to any position that, would you fall from, would put you out of bounds. And so you cannot cross gaps (even if you could jump them)

4 months ago

I used Misty Step with my mage and ported over there no problem (pre patch) Unlootable chest though so no point.

Level 2
3 months ago

Using Expeditious Retreat and Jump will allow one to jump really far.  Not sure if it works in this place but it did work in the Library area.