How to play multiplayer

2 years ago

For anyone who wants to be able to play Solasta with their friends, it is possible with a free program called Parsec. Only one person needs to have Solasta and streams it to the other players who can interact with the game (and only that game) using mouse and keyboard. The only caveat is that all keyboards and mice are counted as one, so each person would need to inform the others when they want to do something in game, but with my friends we just have one person running the group together, then when our individual characters want to do something we just let everyone know and do our thing. It works extremely well.

1 year ago

I dont understand why they cant add something like this to the game

1 year ago

Simple it's a small studio and multiplayer means a layer of complexity to maintain.

pikachu chu
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1 year ago (edited)

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