Hiding in combat failure

Level 8
2 years ago (edited)
  • In what map / where exactly in the map did the bug happen?   Caer Lem escape caves.
  • How did it happen? Rogue killed the last visible Sorak but cannot subsequently hide with their cunning action because they are "in sight". There's no Sorak within our 60' darkvision range so I strongly suspect that it's referring to the now-dead Sorak as being the one providing the monsters sight range. The rogue is marked as being in darkness. Unless Soraks have darkvision over 60' in length this is odd.
  • Who did it happen to? Rogue lvl 2
  • When was the save that you loaded made? Fresh run from the beginning on the latest public patch 0.4.14 b Public

Unable to hide after killing enemy

Level 8
2 years ago

Later in the same fight: I was unable to target a Sorak greater than 60' away from the party because it was out of sight range ... but the creature is illuminated by the nearby torch and its initiative tracker card shows it is not in darkness, so the darkvision sight limit of 60' is not relevant. I should be able to see and target the creature.

Level 9
2 years ago

Was the Sorak using spider-climb by any chance?  I've had a few cases where I haven't been able to target a creature on a wall, although I'm still able to target them by clicking on their initiative card.  Haven't filed a bug because I figured it was more me than the engine (usually I can target creatures on vertical walls, but just sometimes I have issues -- figure it's the camera angle or something).

Soraks do have Superior Darkvision (120') so it's entirely possible that they can see you but you can't see them.

I also had one odd case where one of my characters was showing red boxes (warning of attack of opportunity) when there was nobody around them.  I think they were standing next to Dancing Lights, so it's possible that the Dancing Lights was seen as a foe -- might that explain your case?

So far I've been finding the engine to be pretty good.  It doesn't make very many mistakes -- usually it turns out to be me!