Hide the chests, doors and monsters icons on the map until actually seen

Level 1
3 weeks ago

... or at least make them optional. I have nothing against the Alt key to highlight interactive items, including loot, as you can decide to press it or not. But the map? First it's beautiful, so I'd look at it even if I'm not wondering where to go. But I find it excessive to look at the map in a new place, and already know that there are 4 monsters, 5 chests and 2 locks a little further, still hidden by the fog of war. It is irrealistic and overpowered. I would suggest that the pins only appear on the map when the characters have actually seen the monster/chest/door on the screen - or if that is too complex to implement, that there is a (difficulty) option to decide whether they appear or not. Otherwise all your efforts to hide a chest behind a wall or bush are moot, and the ambushes feel fake!

Level 7
3 weeks ago

In some of the three dimensional spaces, I would never know to even look for a chest without a map icon. And then there is terrain involving building structures with all sorts of crazy access points - and unless there is a chest there, there is no reason to climb up and down all day.