Help with Rituals

Rae Lamont
1 year ago

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or I'm doing something wrong, but I don't have an option to cast rituals, despite having spells that can be cast as rituals. The 'ritual' button on character actions isn't showing up. Am I missing something?

1 year ago

I am also having this issue, anyone else?

Level 7
1 year ago

What class is your character? Some classes (e.g., Cleric) need to have the spell prepared in order to Ritual Cast it, whereas other classes (e.g., Wizard) just need the spell to be in their spellbook, but don't need it prepared.

Other casters (e.g., Paladin & Ranger) can't cast ritual spells as rituals.

Level 3
1 year ago

I've been having this issue with my wizard since I launched the game today. Yesterday I could cast Identify at will (as I should be able to).

Level 7
1 year ago

If Wizard, verify you're complying with open hands, though it's lame if that would matter for a ritual. 

Also, verify you didn't sell your pearl by accident. 

If not wizard, make sure it's prepared.

Level 3
1 year ago

Seems like somehow I accidentally sold/lost my spellbook. I've gone back to a previous stage (fortunately only lost about 20 minutes play) to make sure it wasn't a buggy quest that erased it.

Level 7
1 year ago

Yeah, I've almost sold my spellbook 100 times. It needs an "are you sure?"

Level 4
1 year ago

Ritual casting is only accessible by wizards and clerics in this game. If you did not alter the spell settings  for convenience,  make sure you have the spell components (a free  hand  if somatic,  not silenced  if  verbal, & material), lastly clerics must have the spell prepared.

Level 14
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1 year ago (edited)

I suggest to TA that the Spellbook from the player-controlled Wizard could be made impossible to sell, hence avoiding this kind of funny bug.

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10 months ago

J'ai vraiment un problème avec le bouton "Rituel" qui n'apparait pas dans l'interface.
I really have a problem with the "Ritual" button which does not appear in the UI interface.

Je joue ici au DLC Vallée perdue, mais j'ai joué avec ce même problème avec mon Clerc sur la compagne principale.
Je précise que le bouton d'interface apparaissait, tout au début quand j'ai commencé à jouer et que subitement, il a disparu. (je ne sais pas ce que j'ai fait)
I'm playing the Lost Valley DLC here, but I've been playing with this same issue with my cleric on the main campaign.
The interface button appeared, at the very beginning when I started to play and that suddenly, it disappeared. (I don't know what I did)

Roublard/Maître des ombres (perle + main libre + focalisateur bien présents)

Le sort est bien préparé :
The spell is prepared

J'ai vraiment tout essayé, toutes les difficultés, toutes les options,

Idem avec mon sorcier : 

J'ai aussi essayé un mago, sans succès
I also tried a wizard, without success

Je peux bien-sûr le lancer sans passer par Rituel, mais ça m'enlève un sort à chaque fois.
I can cast it, without going through Ritual, but it takes one spell away each time.

Je pense que j'ai vraiment besoin d'un dev *snif*
I think I really need a dev. Please help

Level 10
10 months ago (edited)

Sorry, your photos did not come through.  Images are a pain.  

But for your Wizard, have you verified that you have your spellbook in your inventory and didn't accidentally lose or sell the spellbook?  That could explain why you can cast memorized spells, but not as a ritual.  

For your Cleric, do they have the spell Prepared?  I see you say above that it was Prepared, but I can't see the image.  Clerics need the spell prepared in order to cast as a Ritual (Wizards only need it in their Spellbook).