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Hello, fellow Solasta forum members !


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Hey there! Eager to see more!

I'm a warior, I... war...

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Well hello folks! Glad to have you here!

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Greetings, everyone!

Intelligent Evil

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Hi all!

Answering a bit late, we have been very busy since the announcement. More news coming soon!

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Hi folks! So nice to have this great game to bring us together here.

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*Settles and sips his beer waiting quietly for the next move*


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Greetings Everyone .

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Hey guys, why don't you tell us what's your background with CRPG and tabletop?

I've played tons of tabletop RPGs in the eighties, and most of my D&D experience was with 2.5. I'm obviously a fan of computer tactical games, starting with 1997's enemy unknown, and CRPGs like the Baldur's Gate series, and I've a weakness for Dragon Age Origins:) 

4 days ago

that is a great idea Zaz .  I started playing D&D in the late seventies , playing mostly Advanced D&D .  I played the Hell out of the Bards Tale series and then fell in love with Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter nights.  

3 days ago

For me the turning points were D&D 3.5 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (for Tactical RPGs). I sunk so many hours in that game. RPG side it was Silver: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_(video_game) It was hard as balls I was like 10 or 11 when I picked that up from one of my parent's colleague, I was constantly getting mauled by bats because I couldn't reach them.

1 day ago

I actually started out in TT wargames in the 80s and expanded into RPGs - specifically TT D&D in the mid-90s. Started out on 2e but quickly transitioned to 3/3.5e which became the edition I played the most by far and for which I have all the books. By the time 4e came out I no longer had a TT gaming group so I've never had the chance to play 4e or 5e. I only know those systems from having read up on them. I also became a Forgotten Realms fanatic at that time when I started reading the FR novels, and I now own and have read almost all of them.

Video games-wise, I never owned a computer until grad school in the 90s given I grew up in a developing country in Asia and was a poor international student in college in the US. So BG1 was literally the first computer RPG I ever played (though I had played a smattering of other types of games including especially wargames on friends' computers previously). That's a big part of what makes BG1 so special for me. The first time I played it I was so drawn into not just the game but the very concept of a cRPG that I was shocked to see the sunrise outside my window, having played all through the night without even realizing it! I have a very narrow range of video games I play, essentially exclusively single-player fantasy-setting cRPGs, so BG1/2, IwD1/2, NwN1/2, DA O/2/I, Witcher 3, and nowadays PoE1/2, and P:K. I have also backed Realms Beyond and Black Geyser in addition to this game. I still play a handful of strategy/wargames as well.