Healing Potion recipe doesn't work, even if you know Cure Wounds spell.

4 months ago

My cleric had +2 in Medicine skill, had the required kit, and all the materials and the recipe to make the healing potion, and had prepared Cure Wounds spell and 1st level spell slots available. However, in the crafting interface, there was a red cross next to "Know Cure Wounds" spell, indicating that this condition isn't fulfilled, while all other conditions are fulfilled with green checkmarks.

Thus I am unable to craft healing potions. 

Level 8
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4 months ago

I have a similar issue after the new patch, my cleric is unable to craft a cure wounds scroll even though he has the ingredients, proficiency, kit, and spell.

Level 1
4 months ago

I'll throw my hat in here as well. My cleric is unable to craft scrolls of cure wounds or potions of healing because it says he doesn't have cure wounds prepared even though it is most definitely prepared.

Level 7
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4 months ago

I ran into that bug as well, and then suddenly I was able to craft Healing Potions. Not sure if it was changing my prepared spells or a level up that did it.

4 months ago

I saw the same thing. My Sun domain cleric could not craft potions or scrolls of cure wounds until she reached level three. The game claimed she did not know cure wounds in the crafting UI despite it being prepared and she could cast it. On a previous playthrough I did not see the issue with a Life domain cleric.

I've seen similar reports from others on the Steam forums and here. All seem to go away after reaching level three.

Level 5
4 months ago

Same issue, also with Sun Domain cleric (though paladin with cure wounds meant I could still craft healing potions) 

Level 9
4 months ago

My cleric was already level 3 before the patch release and I don’t have any issues with crafting healing potion. Will try to check scroll craft as well.

Level 3
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4 months ago

This remains an issue.  Just created a Hill Dwarf Sun Cleric, leveled in town to level 2, Cure Wounds prepared, but on the crafting interface Cure Wounds is x'd out and I am unable to craft a Potion of Healing with this character because of that.