Have same weapon on multiple loadout

Level 1
4 months ago

During my playthrought, one things that I was missing is the possibility to have the same weapon in multiple loadout. For example having a main loadout of longsword and shield. I will have a ranged loadout with javelin but would also wand a light loadout with longsword and the torch using the same longsword. Except manually moving item from inventory, I was unable to create this loadout.

Level 4
Kickstarter Backer
4 months ago

Yes, agreed. Same weapon with shield and same weapon with torch should be 2 viable options.

Level 5
4 months ago

I agree.

This is something I missed in my feedback post, but where I also noticed this the most was when I wanted to have a slashing and bludgeoning loadout for the black castle where I could swap to deal with skeletons or zombies/humans but couldn't because I only had one shield.