Halfling Lucky + Arcane Recovery

1 year ago (edited)

Just wanted to ask if Halfling Lucky (reroll once on a natural 1s on an ability check, save, or attack roll) and Arcane Recovery (Wizard gets 1/2 level of spell slots back on a short rest, once per long rest) were looking at being implemented?

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1 year ago

I was really hoping for Arcane Recovery, having missed it in the Demo.  It was so refreshing playing the Demo, and already knowing how things work, so i will vote for any 5e mechanics.

1 year ago

Hi all,

Yes, Arcane Recovery will be present in the final game. I just did not have the time to code it in the post-short rest interface. 

As for Lucky, yes we should have this in the game. I am just afraid to have a popup appearing everytime the character rolls a 1, but maybe that is OK.

Anyway we will find a way to integrate both to the best of our abilities.


1 year ago

If I may make a recommendation, perhaps have it be in the text box + an on-screen visual indicator (sort of how Initiative rolls are shown on-top of a character) but not an actual pop-up?  Much like rerolling due to Great Weapon Fighting style, I can't imagine enough scenarios where a Halfling wouldn't want to reroll a 1 that would make a click-required popup every time worth the distraction to the player.   

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1 year ago

Well I dont think that there needs to be a pop-up, as far as I know, as written, Halflings are always allowed to reroll nat 1ns, not only once per day. I dont think thats OP it technically only helps once every 20 rolls and even then isnt a guaranteed win, since it only lets you reroll, and you can still fail again.

4 months ago

Really, I can't think of a situation where you'd choose not to reroll that natural 1, so you could just hardcode it in and (if necessary) reference it in the log that it happened.