Green dragon dealing Acid damage

Level 8
Kickstarter Backer
11 months ago

I was fighting a green dragon for the first time, and when he pulled out his breath weapon I was really surprised that my characters had to make a dex instead of a con save, and then I saw that his breath weapon dealt acid damage instead of the poison I expected. At first i thought that might not be a bug but intended, and dragon colours in solasta are not connected to damage in the same way as im used to, but then when another character got hit by the bite attack, that one dealt poison and not acid damage so I think its a bug?

If it is intended for them to deal poison on bite and acid on breath then sorry for wrongly reporting this, it just struck me as odd enough that it might be a bug.

Level 7
11 months ago

Yes, I had poison resistance on all my characters to fight the green dragon, but then was I surprised to see his breath weapon was acid. Still helped with the poisonous bites though.