Great lore, any room for Player-accessible orders?

Level 7
5 days ago

I enjoy the history and lore of Solasta, but outside of the Scavengers and the Deputies, are there other "orders" the players will be able to access.  Can you be knighted?  Join the church?   Become mage-hunters?  Etc.  

The Church and various factions are mentioned during character creation, but it would be cool a level 7 or 8 to gain a title based upon your Subclass. Just looking at Fighters for a moment, you could do:

Champion = Knight of the "blank" Order

Mountaineer = Captain in the Military

Spellblade = Witch Hunter or Arcanum Knight

In later levels (10+), a Knight could become a Lord/Lady, a Captain becomes a General, etc.

Just a thought to build on the great culture and make it accessible to the players :)

Level 11
3 days ago

The finished game, is projected to have a lvl 10 cap so, I'd surmise the answer

Level 7
2 days ago (edited)

Call me optimistic, but I'm assuming DLCs and Solasta II would address the world beyond level 10.  

Even if we could only access a single rank in this game, it would be fun to have a title (commander, esquire, etc.) and a perk (commander = 20% discount on weapons/armor, esquire = +20% favor with all factions, etc.).

Just a way to weave in some lore and character development on a budget :)