Great auto-map

Level 4
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1 year ago

Hello devs,

after playing so many CRPGs in my computer game history (started with The Bard´s Tale I and Pool of Radiance), I just wanted to say

that your automap is not just made wonderful in regards of design, but also contains all the informations (chests, important places, etc.) one needs to know !

Thanks for this great work, I seldom saw such a good automap.

Level 8
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1 year ago

I second that, the map is great.

1 year ago

Agreed - I really like and the quick travel option.

David Kalber
Level 4
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1 year ago

Even the full map you pull up has a really cool hand-drawn 3d look to it that both makes it seem like a map a cartographer made but also has depth to help you see the area clearly.  I was about to groan and trudge my way out of a rather large dungeon and then remember fast travel and save a bunch of time.  There are some great player-friendly functions!