Costa Hagi
4 months ago

With the revelation that there will be no grappling mechanic in BG3, I thought I might ask if it's intended to be in Solasta (as it is shaping up to be more authentic to the 5e experience). Grappling is such an important part of the combat in 5e, both giving more tactical option to martial characters and utilised by many monsters to challenge players, it would be a shame to not see it. The game is looking amazing though, can't wait to play it!  

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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4 months ago

Hey there!

Grappling will not be included in Solasta - at least not for the player (some monsters may still have grapple attacks). Although we'd have loved to include grappling, there are many reasons for that - an important one being animation for instance. Grappling a wolf, another humanoid or an ogre would need a lot of different animations, which are very costly in time - which is already used animating more monsters or weapon attacks for instance.