Goodberry buttons

Level 3
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2 years ago

When you want to use a goodberry from the spell you can either feed someone in which the character eat the berry or eat in which the character has the option to feed someone the berry.
It seems you swapped the function of each button!

Level 6
2 years ago

Confirming this is still broken. It looks like "Eat" was supposed to be the top button, the top choice, and "Feed Someone" was supposed to be the second choice down. As it is right now, when you click "Feed Someone" the character whose inventory the berries are in eats it. When you click "Eat" then it offers up the ability to click on an ally to feed them.

David Kalber
Level 4
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2 years ago

I can also confirm, my cleric was downed in a fight so I was trying to use Goodberry to heal him.  I kept click "Feed Someone" and it never prompted me to click on another Character.  Instead, I noticed the caster ate the berry themselves.  I later clicked "Eat" to heal the one holding the berry's but then the select someone prompt came up.  It seems to be reversed as others say.