Goodberry Bug

6 months ago

Just finished the EA content and have to say how much I loved it. I didnt't even really encounter that many bugs during it and had a very solid game experience. Can't wait for more!

Anyway, the one bug I did encounter was when trying to use the goodberries from my ranger. The buttons between eating the berries yourself and giving them to another companion were swapped around, where "eat" would allow you to select a companion and "feed to" (or whatever the correct menu option is) allows you to eat them yourself. Just wanted to highlight that as it took me a while to figure out what was going on.

Level 4
6 months ago

Unrelated question since I've yet to play a ranger. Can goodberries be used as substitutes for rations? Or is their sole function in early access just healing? 

And in the realm of feature requests: I hope for a way to cast spells during overland travel so that you can for example cast create food or goodberry to stuck up on rations. One could also see wizards casting mage armor twice per day to be ready for random encounters.

Level 5
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6 months ago

Goodberry does indeed count as a food ration. But there's a problem with that spell where the berries don't disappear from your inventory while you are traveling. So you can use a couple of spell slots in Caer Cyflen and never have to worry about rations.

I would love some additional functionality for overland travel. For example, we need the option to change our travel destination mid-travel. In my most recent playthrough, I forgot to buy new crossbow bolts (which are scarcely found in the dungeons btw - unlike arrows) and had to travel back from the Dark Castle to Caer Cyflen just for that.