Goodberries (healing) does not recognize the Aid's spell new HP maximum

Level 12
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3 months ago (edited)

For those who do not know : the divine spell Aid (II) gives 5 extra hit points (HP) that raises the maximum HP, so they are not considered temporary HP.
(I know the devs know: just saying for others) 

Healing with Goodberries (ranger/druid spell) does not work with the new HP maximum given by Aid. 

EFFECT : the log and game shows +1 HP healed, but the HP on the character reverts to its natural or true HP maximum after a short while.  The delay before the cancellation of the Goodberry heal varies from 1 second to 30 seconds or so. 

Note  I tested this a few times. 

Nb : on a side note, as mentioned by others, the Eat versus Feed other is confusing. I presume that the Feed other is related to berries used as Food rather than healing.  The description does not seem to mention anything about how it can also be used as Food.

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Level 7
3 months ago

Goodberry works as food on the world map. one berry is one ration. No telling if this will be so in the future, but if you cast the spell before travelling you will have ten rations added to your food.