Going back to the Library

2 years ago

My first time going through the ancient library in the Sorak caves there's *that* chest which is really hard to get to. I couldn't get to the chest with the jump spell so I figured I'd buy a potion of flying and come back later. I buy the expensive potion, fight the spiders where the Soraks once were, and make my way to the library entrance. First I accidentally clicked "no" to leave area and the blue box to switch areas disappeared and didn't come back even when I left the caves. Luckily I had an auto save, but when I got back to the library entrance and stepped in the box it just kicked me back out to the road?! I tried going back to confirm but if you go back to Caer Lem, go into the caves, past the bridge, and back to the library entrance the game kicks you out to the travel map screen. I just want to be able to go back and pick up my missing loot.

It's SUPER frustrating given that I spent a good chunk of gold on the potion and had to deal with the game erasing the blue box in the first place. In EA I was able to buy a potion of flying and head back there to pick up the chest. I don't understand how going all the way back to that area kicks me back out to the world map.

1 year ago

Same deal for me, can't complete side quest

10 months ago

You've probably reached the "Ancient Library" area in Caer Lem, which is the exit zone of that area. *THAT* chest (and the side quest @Duncan refers to) is in the library in Manacoln Ruin.

Don't ask how I know.

6 months ago

if you go back to Caer Lem, go into the cave, over the bridge and back to the library entrance. That's the exit of that area, run 3  located in the library at Manacoln Ruin.

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