Giving inputs to pop-ups with keyboard (useful for sorcerers and paladins, fundamental for bards)

Level 6
11 months ago

Unless I missed something, right now you have to select an option for every single pop-up with a mouse click. This isn't a problem for most characters, but it really bogs down the paladin's and (especially) sorcerer's gameplay. Having to move your mouse and click a button to say "no" to Divine Smite/Metamagic every single time you attack or cast a spell slows things down a lot, and it would make the Bard's Bardic Inspiration basically unplayable.

This problem is easily fixable by just allowing the player to say "no" by pressing a mapped keyboard key. The game already has mappable keys for camera control and other things, so implementing this shouldn't really require much effort.

Thank you :D

Level 14
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11 months ago

Good idea

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