Give legendary axe to orc tribe bug - cant - game breaking bug for main quest line - fixed now ,

4 months ago (edited)

so i killed the "monster" , got the axe .-

my companions talking about maybe keeping it but some of them do say we should and need to give it to the orc - 

great, i agree -

i go to the female orc leader ,. and i only have "

We keeping the axe - dialog  option . --wtf ??

that gotta be a bug , ?? , i want to give it to her . i want the orcs help ..

fix ?? .. or

update _ i done everything els in this area now, so i just need her onboard then the main boss here  " lava volcano area " keeping spoilers low 

but i cant progress course of this bug ,. yes i have chosen evil characters aliment ,but that really shouldn't lock me out of giving it to her 

so ,pleas , fix it / report that it is a bug and not just a weird lock out - 


so i will calk this up as game breaking bug as i cant progress the main quest line by not be able to give the axe to her -


also, characters is clipping in to ech other .- minor bug . 

Level 7
4 months ago


4 months ago

LET US HELP ORC! agree- let us 

4 months ago

- weird enough , as i loaded a earlier save from just after i kill the queen , - the body is there-  dead,  but then there is also a copy of the queen alive standing next to it -. 

2 bugs in this area i would say, though not be able to give back the axe back is the big problem , so 

4 months ago

you fixed this game breaking bug in my game " missing dialog " , so now i can finally progress after waiting eagerly to play it 

now i can , thanks for major hotfix today -   ! 

keep up the good work and support  +1