General feedback after Early Access

1 month ago


First of all, i've searched for a thread to post a "general feedback" and didn't find it, if there is any, please apologyze me.

Second, english is not my main language, will do my best, just, please, forgive my errors as much as you can :)

About the thread:

My feelings on the game are good, but will focus on 3 points. What, for me, the game NEEDS, what can be better, and what i will like to see on it.

What game Needs:

Customization. The game needs further customization in 2 points

  1. Visual: We need models to be added, armors, and characters looks all the same. I hope this is just because is in early access, but need a serious improvement.
  2. Character Customization: This is the main flaw of the game for me actually. I will suggest to add some more races, 2 at least (Drow/Tiefling) and 2 more classes (Monk/Warlock) Wouldn't recommend sorcerer cause is pretty similar to wizard.

But thinking a bit seems that the problem is deeper than the lack of classes/races. Seems that there is no reason to use all of them: In this game you have to design 4 characters, not one, and then find companions, adapt them and play, you want that this 4 are different and fulfill different roles and functions, but this is not happening. Actually why whould you pick a rogue? you could pick a wizard with low-life background and get the same (if not better) results in his "job", a green mage would be better "rogue" than a rogue itself. Actually I used a dexterity Speelblade to fullfill a rogue job and did better than the rogues in previous playthroughts.

This happens with all other classes/subclasses. What is the "real" difference between a Speelblade and Paladin-Oath of Motherland? isn't that big, yes?

So what the game needs is that subclasses bring differences in "quality" terms, not in "quantity", for example. Rogue Shadowcaster, instead of just add some speels, why don't take a look at the classic Arcane Trickster? The game engine is great for that. Is ok just adding some type of spell (necromancy, illusion...) but add a feature to this character similar to "legendary legerdemain": so this character could open locks/chest/doors/disarm traps/SHOVE! all this... AT RANGE! this brings the players lot of new possibilities for this character. Yes, he maybe not as powerful as other "rogue" or "wizard", but brings something no other else brings, and that makes a subclass useful and interesting.

And im not talking about powerbuilds. For me got no reason to build the most powerful character possible and then complain the game is easy, just play funny things with the game difficulty, and funny things examples like the one said before on Shadowcaster. 

Got some different ideas for other subclasses but this thread is long enough. Anyway, this is vital, IMO, cause is "they way you play", and if its funny and make comfortable with your seleccition will be funny, but if not, surelly you will leave the game apart.

What can be better

  1. First of all. We should be able to pass the "tutorial" missions. Is pretty annoying to do it every time you want to test something new
  2. The character creator: Take in account full name, not just firstname, so is pretty annoying that you can't create a character because you already you got another that got the same name, even, if their second name is different. 
  3. Inventory its a bit disturbing sometimes. Find the rations jumping from one character to another without doing nothing, and are too tiny to organize them correctly, the same for the stack. Also. When one character is using the stack, changing the character should continue the action, using the stack, not targeting the "ground". 
  4. Shoping whould be the same as using the stack: if you change the character, dont loose all you got on the transaction. 

What I will like to see

Well, is too soon to say lot of things, is in early access. But i will like a darker history, more intriguing, if I have talk about a good history it should be BG2, cause it also got one (if not the best) villain of videogames, actually got the feeling that the game is beauty, pretty well designed, with lot of possibilities but not exploited in narrative.