General Feedback

Level 6
11 months ago (edited)

-The world building is average. It does the job, no problem. I liked the remorhazes, because they aren't generic.

-The stories are mixed. The basic ideas are okay in both campaigns, but they aren't fun. I compare them to Divinity Original Sin, or Dragon Age Inquisition. The earlier DA games would be too good to compare. Banter between characters would be too complicated to implement, so the game would need a more interesting story to improve the roleplay part. Yeah, the rpg part is lacking. The quests are boring, the game is a dungeon crawler.

-The system of the crafting is perfect in complexity. But there are too much recipes. For example the +1 items should be a single recipe. The weapons with lightning damage should be another single one, and so on.

-The loot is good in the main campaign, but terrible in the lost valley. The heroes should use detect magic and identify automatically. It's very annoying the heroes equip quest rewards automatically, because I will notice I got something only after a while. The anvil and hammer icon of primed items should appear in the shops, too. This is quite important. The loot system doesn't support a team with agile warriors, there are few magic items for them. Too many items require attunement.

-The UI is average. It does the basic job, but it's not user friendly. For example we don't know the effects of a magic item without crafting it, sorting of items could be better, scrolls don't contain the description of spells. The journal button doesn't work sometimes when wandering on the world map. There is a whole topic on the UI in the feedback section.

-The music and the sounds are good.

-The system is okay, but you should buff the weak classes. For example the fighters seem weak compared to paladins. Some damage bonus is needed. Loremaster wizards are too weak. Their basic abilities are lacking. The skill advantages and the quick crafting time are unimportant. Their level 10 ability should be available right after taking the class, so they could be versatile wizards from the beginning. 2 cantrips at level 10 is a good reward itself, maybe they could provide extra monster info, and they would be more desirable. Or giving crafting recipes.

-The variety of the enemies is good.

-The levels are well designed, but sometimes things are barely visible when they are very high. We cannot zoom out enough.

-Graphics are good. There was only one disturbing thing, the helmet of the plate armor covers the eyes of the heroes during cutscenes. And maybe the noble clothing is too simple. There should be some color and pattern on it.

What could be better?

Main campaign

-I would reduce the number of random encounters in both campaigns. They are rather distracting from the main questline. 'What should I do again? Pressing 'J' to check.'

-If I want a long rest and I have a hero with goodberries and unspent spell slot, the game should cast it automatically. It's annoying to do it all the time manually and it doesn't make sense.

-More random loot would be better. For example once I can make weapons with fire damage, another time with frost. It would improve the replayability. But the minimal number of the top gears should be guaranteed.

-More primed weapons from random loot. Their importance isn't obvious in the first playthrough, so the player can neglect to improve the connection to the Arcaneum. Or alternatively, primed items should require less relation toward the Arcaneum, so we could buy them more easily.

-I see no reason to support the tower of knowledge and the Danatar, their support is lacking compared to the Antiqarians and the Arcaneum.

-There should be an option to rename my heroes even after starting a campaign. Sometimes the name becomes wrong, some of your fonts show certain special characters while others don't. Editing their stats should be possible, too, but only in the characters part, not during a campaign.

-The arcade style floating puzzle maps are completely out of the mood.

-Thugs are too tough. One of my toughest fights was against them. They were a lot of them on low level. One would expect the main battles to be the hardest, but no.

-The game becomes easier when reaching level 5 in both campaigns. It's probably because my paladins got a second attack. 

-The decisions of the player should influence the personality of the heroes. Some of the dialog choices should affect it, too, typically when choosing between killing and not killing, or choosing between taking wealth or supporting others instead. And when there is a choice to attack or hide in random encounters. Hiding should decrease violence and add 1 point to 'cautious', attack should do the reverse.

-Some enemies should run away when they see their case is lost.

The Lost Valley

-Generally this is worse than the main campaign. It was boring.

-The different factions is a good idea, but there is no tracking what happens if the relation to a faction is destroyed. The quest items remain in the inventory, and we continue to collect heavy items to void quests.

-We can go to the pyramid twice following the quests of factions, but the heroes don't comment anything about it at the second time.

-I finished the campaign without hearing anything about the target person. This is quite unusual.

-The campaign has no real focus, no real storytelling, we do things, because the GM brought just these encounters.

-The faction didn't even react after I lost a persuasion against the boss and needed to kill him. I just got an announcement about the failed quest.

-The looting doesn't make sense. The money worth nothing. Why do the NPCs collect items for us if the money cannot be spent? There shouldn't be such a sharp contrast compared to the main game.

-There are barely primed weapons and armors. It was frustrating having a shit ton of special stones but either no recipes, or no weapons and armors to craft stuff. It's not fun.

-I liked there were clothes I could try on my sorcerer.

-Once I tried to sneak past the guards and speak with a person in the town after the guards became enemies. I could solve the sneaking part, but the guards started the fight when I clicked the talking icon even though they were away and showing their back, so they couldn't recognize my hero.

-In the same situation I attacked the guards, and a rebel guy joined them for no reason. Maybe she was someone called Sima. The official power and the rebels are opposing factions so I didn't understand this behavior.

-Guards in the outposts recognized the party even after using the invisibility powder.

-Occasions for persuasion felt more important and impactful.

-The ending video was somewhat odd. For example it failed to mention what we actually achieved - getting a lot of knowledge and treasure, and who cares about the target guy we missed completely?

Level 7
11 months ago (edited)

One little correction that you might find useful, though I doubt it, since you already finished both campaigns....

"For example we don't know the effects of a magic item without crafting it "

-> Click on the recipe, which is then displayed on the right hand side of the screen.
-> Hover over the area where the icon of the craftable item is located (at the top-right).

Enjoy the tooltip information.

Yes, I know, totally hidden, but I'm mentioning it just for the record and in case you pay another time.

Level 6
11 months ago

Thanks, I really missed it. But I think the recipes should contain this info as well.


After some other play I don't appreciate the level design that much. They put my fighters behind the wall in the final boss fight and my spellcasters before it, so my fighters weren't able to melee the enemy, and my spellcasters got destroyed quickly. Disappointing.

Level 7
5 months ago

The title is general feedback so I figured this would be a good place for this.

I haven't played this game since it went live, so to speak. I have issues with the source material and found I wasn't enjoying this game as much as I thought I would. 

I saw that the game needed updating when I went to my steam page so I upgraded. then I decided to give things a go and loaded up the game. i wasnted to see what freebies i had in character creation. when i got there I found a whole lot of things associated with content I didn't buy. I really hate this. If I didn't buy it then why in the hell is it on my character creation page. If I can't use it I don't want to see it. If I see a product that looks like something I might like the option of using, then I will buy it. 

I don't appreciate being enticed by images and descriptions of things that I don't own and don't expect to buy. I find this to be very intrusive and don't care for it.

I don't have the money to buy every DLC you make. I certainly don't want to see teasers for content I either can't afford, or don't want. 

So, in conclusion; I have deleted your game from my computer and will not be using your product any more. 

Thanks Ovelteen