Gen Con 2019 - One week left!

Tactical Myzzrym
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3 years ago (edited)

Hey there folks,

With only one week left before Gen Con, we've been working hard on all fronts! For the Demo, we've been adding new rooms and polishing old ones - it won't be the final experience (you will have to wait a bit more for that), but you'll be able to have a pretty good idea of what you're getting into. We've also be working on some physical goodies that we'll be giving away at our booth, so be sure to drop by!

Now without further ado, let me give you a small sneak peek of the updates (but not everything, let's not spoil the surprise). If you looked at our Game Info Page before, you might have noticed about a certain room that used to look like this:

Old version of the Ruins first room

A few weeks later, this same room now looks like this:

New version of the Ruins first room

Pretty cool, isn't it! Here, I'll share one more thing with you - remember our friendly spiders that appear in our Key Art and in one of our previous articles? Grégoire, our awesome animator, has been hard at work to make them as lively as possible. Check it out! (or don't, if you're arachnophobic) 

That's it for today! As a reminder, you can find us at Gen Con from Thursday 9:00 am until Sunday 2:00 pm at Indiana Convention Center: Hall B, and the Demo Event is completely free (aside from the standard Gen Con Access Badge).

3 years ago

I can't wait to see the demo in action. The new textures of the room are really fantastic and the spider ... well ... the spider ... I hope the spell resistance to poisons and neutralizes poison is implemented: D
A request ... can you hear something from the music department? One of the things, in my opinion, is important for a rpg videogame is atmospheric music and sound. The wind that blows through the ruins or in the bottomless gullies, the legs of spiders that make you shudder at every step.

Tactical Archimat
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3 years ago

Hey there,

I totally agree that sound fx and music (even when playing tabletop with friends) is essential to a good game. We have a very talented composer working for us. The music from our two initial trailers were composed and producer by this composer, which gives you a hint as to where we are going. 

We hope you can hear the first music tracks very soon, but bear in mind these will be demos until the proper recording and mixing is done, usually at the end of the game production.


3 years ago

No problem, I'm not in a hurry. I look forward to putting my hands on your game to be able to spend a few hours in a great 5e play. Many other developers boast noble brands without understanding what the end user really wants, even though ultimately end users prefer the more actionable versions of things and we "purists" are just a niche.