Gem Quest: The Monastery does not progress if you immediately solve the puzzle

2 weeks ago (edited)

The main quest called The Monastery will stop at step "Inspect the Structure" if you do following:

  1. Go to the Mausoleum location and sit on bench to wait for moon
  2. Immediately solve the rune puzzle, by clicking on the center and right pillar. Do not click on the rune stone below the pillars to get the hint.
  3. A cutscene with Kythaela will show up, but the quest line will not progress

Even thought Kythaela is released, the following steps in quest do not trigger. I guess after the cutscene with Kythaela there should be a step to trigger "Find the Copper Vale of Remembrance" otherwise the main questline cannot be progressed.

Level 1
3 days ago

Agreed, It worked once, but will not work now. The only place you can go are places you have been before.  What have the Programers done that breaks the game ?