Gartok attacks me - Bug ?

Level 1
1 month ago


I don't know if this is a bug or if I missed something ...

I am on the quest "Lost giants" given by Gartok in the verdant valley, and was on my way to Gartok to complete it, and when entering the giant camp all the giants attacks me without any warning or dialog.

I don't understand why, as I spoke with them before (using a spell), and did nothing apparently that could upset them ... I encountered the enjailed giant in the swamp but that's all, no interaction was available anyway.

Is this fight "normal", or do someone knows what could have happened ? It really bothers me, I was planning to do the whole quest line :)

Thanks for any information !

1 month ago


I have the same issue.  This appears to be an aggro bug.  The Lost Giants quest will fail if you kill Gartok.  

Level 1
1 week ago

Ok so it might have been fixed :

  • Hopefully fixed Giants in the camp suddenly becoming hostile when you entered their camp after doing their questline. If not, please send us your save file.

I will try this week end.