Game freezes on character sheet

Level 9
2 years ago (edited)

I had just defeated the Soraks in the library and finished the cut scene.  I started picking up loot from the corpse bags in the room.  When I got to the chest at the back of the room, the game just sort of hung on the character sheet.

After re-loading the save, I tried again and the same thing happened.

Second re-load, this time I made a bee-line for the chest and was able to loot it okay.  I was then able to loot all of the corpses.  I then went back into the library proper to pick up the loot from a couple chests that I had missed.  I used Misty Step on my wizard (had to do a long rest to get the spell slots back) to get the lower chest on the isolated platform.  (BTW, if you cast long jump on a character and then jump over there, that character can get stranded for good if the spell wears off before you can jump back!).  Anyway, I looted the chest and clicked on the map to have the character run back to the rest of the group.  While running back, I opened up the character sheet.  And again it froze.  I could hear my character running back to the group in the background as the audio grunts could be heard, but I couldn't move anything around on the character sheet and I couldn't close it either -- just like back in the crown room.

I'll be mailing you my save game because there seems to be something corrupt in it.

(Apart from this bug and the getting stuck in limbo between conversation and exploration at the end of the Wizard's tower, the other bugs I've found have just been cosmetic and typos.  Pretty good for early access! :)  BTW, I absolutely LOVE this game!  Everything I wanted from a D&D 5e game!  Please make more modules/adventures!)

Version 0.4.14 b - Public