Game freezes (mainly before/after combat)

Level 3
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2 years ago

I already reported this problem here:
This issue had almost been resolved by the Spring update but, since the 1.0 version, it occurs again ant it is worse!

Configuration :
- Solasta 1.0.15 Public and 1.0.18 Internal (?)
- Windows 10.0.19042 Home
- Nvidia GeForce 1660 Super
- Driver GeForce Game Ready Driver 466.47
- Fresh game started on a new installation (1.0.15)

Issue description
Now, the game freezes:
- before combat (when my first PC in initiative order is supposed to play) and after combat (every time)
- when my characters enter a zone, go through a door or a passage
- and every time an animation of some sort is involved

Troubleshooting solution I have tried:
- Updated Nvidia driver to 466.47
- Reinstalled Solasta in 1.0.15 and 1.0.18 Internal (?) 
- Lowered graphic option to Average (Moyenne)
- Applied all solutions described in

...without any change in the issue reported...

This is very annoying! Even more so as the game is supposed to be in its production state!!!

Thanks for your help!


PS : I'll send my save file to

Level 3
2 years ago

Check your log window on top right of screen, does it say "Autosave completed" whenever it finishes freezing?

I think it is the saving process. I have the same freeze, whenever I do quicksave or the game does autosave (which it does at every start AND end of combat).

Level 2
2 years ago

same here on a Pc gamepass version, the game becomes almost unplayable ... pity :(