Game crashing while in town 2 times now

2 years ago (edited)

Hello! Twice now the game has started to freeze while in the Caer Cyflen and moving around (at different points in the game - once before the deputizing ceremony and once afterwards).  I can still hear the party's steps for a short while and then it freezes and crashes.  Both times I have been able to restart at the last save point.

Update - it just froze again (without crashing) during a dialog sequence with someone in town.    I will check my hardware settings but I would be surprised if it is my computer as I can run most new games without issue and have a decent amount of RAM, SSD, 1gb dedicated video card, etc.

I am not sure if this is a concern but just wanted to let you know.  Keep up the great work!!

2 years ago

I'm experiencing the same kind of crashes at Caer Cyflen ; sometimes while walking through the city ; now the games freezes and then crashes during the dialogs with Carran or the council after the first row of missions at Caer Lem.

I tried to fix the files with Steam, change the settings... no improvement.

Very nice game by the way.

2 years ago

Whenever i tried to load Caer Cyflen again after returning to it for the first time the game does not load and gets stuck on the loading screen. the game loads for like and hour and nothing happens.