Game Crashes - Winter Update

2 months ago

Hey folks,

I bought Solasta when it first came out for Early Access and really enjoyed the game until I ran into a massive bug that prevented me from leaving areas or opening the map. Thankfully, the map seems to work beautifully now and, for the most part, I've been able to leave areas just fine.

Now onto my problem. I picked up Solasta again after the Winter Update, happy to see a lot of my issues fixed, but for some reason the Unity Player keeps crashing, either when I'm loading the game or moving to a new area. I'll get a little Unity Plyer error and then the game just shuts down. I've tried loading from earlier saves and even started a new campaign, nothing worked. I noticed, the first time this happened, was right after meeting Lord Carran for the first time. As you're leaving and loading into Caer Cyflen, it went from the tavern loading screen, to the city, to a frozen frame on my Wizard PC from the start of his intro quest in the orc cave. The game then crashed and after a reload I was able to play.

Fast forward, I've just gotten a certain item and am on the search for things that go with said important item, and I hit a random fight. I fight, win, save and then close the game as I go to an appointment. Later, I log back in, and I can't leave the area. I click the campfire am given the option, click it, and then the game starts to load and immediately crashes. Reload, same thing happens. Reload an earlier auto-save, same thing happens. Rinse repeat two or three more times and the game keep crashing. I give up for the night.

This morning I try again, and the crashing continues. I decide to start the campaign over again. I get through all four intros beautifully. Meet Lord Carran, hit the bugged frame and then crash again. 

I really love this game, but I haven't been able to get past this particular quest in any build so far. It's REALLY frustrating. Would love some help.

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2 months ago (edited)

Can you get us some screenshots of the Unity error? If it's really Unity crashing there is little things we can do :/