Game crashes after DLC Palace of Ice installation

3 months ago


I installed the palace of Ice DLC today and started the game (via Steam). 

I can see the start page and after loading 100% a messagebox appears with information that it is recommened to change the grafic settings. But I don't have the time or chance to click either ok or go to the settings because the game crashes and not only the game the whole PC shuts down. :-(

So I am stucked without a chance to change the settings. I also tried to desinstall the game. But after the new installation the error and the PC shutdown still exists :-/

What can I do to play the game? Is there a chance to change config file with lower grafic settings? if so how do I do this?

Thanks and best regards


3 months ago (edited)


Sorry to hear that you are having such troubles.

There is a list of operations you can try that may hopefully help you if you have a corrupted file:

If none of that worked and you still experiment some issues, could you provide us your logs at ?

You can find these files in C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta

(To be safe, you can send us your "Logs" folder if there is anything as well as the Player.txt and Player-prev.txt)

Thank you for your time!